Marissa N. Ibáñez


A native of the Republic of Panama, Marissa is as fluent in Spanish as she is in her command of the English language. Raised in New York City, Marissa is a Brooklynite who cheers for the Mets and believes there's no team finer than the Nets. At the age of 19, she began her career at the New York City Fire Museum. Responsible for the growth of the museum's gift shop, her first project was to create a catalog of goods that museum members could purchase. Not knowing how to design at the time, she didn't let that hold her back. Instead, she forged on by teaching herself the software that enabled her to complete the task successfully. If there's one word to describe Marissa, it would be “tenacious.” She never gives up and she never folds — she arms herself with knowledge, surrounds herself with a team of individuals who can make the vision a reality and moves forward with a can-do attitude.


For over 23 years, Marissa has been an integral part of the Communications team for the 1199SEIU Funds, which provides comprehensive benefits to members of one of the nation’s largest unions, 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East. As creative lead, she approaches her responsibilities at the Funds not only as an employee but as a member who is receiving the same quality of care that's afforded to and enjoyed by millions of Union members. Armed with a passion for design, Marissa’s been afforded the opportunity to develop signature brands for an impressive array of clients like the United Covenant Churches of Christ, the Tabernacle of Praise Cathedral, TAMU and the NYC Pilot Shop. Whether your organization is large or small, she will treat it with the care, respect and attention it deserves, and will work hard to bring your vision to reality.


Marissa’s motto is: If you can envision it, MNI Designs can create it, because